APR Carbon Fiber Spoiler

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CarbonBargain DRAG ADJUSTABLE WING With a height of 5 inches, our Drag wing is designed for Ford Mustangs and drivers looking to reduce drag yet maintain an optimal level of downforce. This wing works perfectly with hatchbacks, liftbacks, or drag race or top speed car applications. The 3D carbon fiber airfoil shape allows for optimal airflow that reduces drag yet supplies an effective amount of downforce.


DRAG-STYLE ADJUSTABLE WING Generating enough downforce to reduce lift and keep power planted to the ground, the Drag Style wing is a perfect choice for racers participating in a drag race or top speed events. The Drag Style wing utilizes a low profile design which enables it to maintain a high level of drag reduction. The Drag Style airfoils are available in dry carbon fiber and aluminum. MINI DRAG ADJUSTABLE WING The Mini Drag Wing is an excellent choice for compact sports cars seeking enough downforce to reduce lift at high speeds.



Fabricated with 100% Real Premium Carbon Fiber

Coated by resin rubber, our products are made to endure any type of weather. Our CarbonBargain parts will be unaffected by the sun, rain, or snow.

Our parts are also guaranteed to NEVER decompose or oxidize.