CarbonBargain Side Mirror Covers W/O Turn Signal

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      • Artistic Contemporary Styling
      • Glossy Slippery-Like Finish
      • Offers Protection Against Daily Hazards
      • Durable Infused And Genuine Carbon Fiber Construction
      • Easy and Direct Peel And Stick Installation
      • Compatible With All 2015 to 2020 Ford Mustangs Including GT, V6 and EcoBoost Models 
    • Impressive Styling. Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers features a modern design that breaks the monochromatic color scheme on your Mustang. If you are after a unique and aggressive look, then these mirror covers are your best starting point. The covers have a reflective appearance with a twill weave pattern that not only gives your car the aesthetic appeal but also commands attention when you alight from your Mustang. 

  • Sleek Glossy Finish. Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers feature a glossy reflective casing that gives your car that aggressive and street-savvy appearance. On a closer look, the external finishing has a twill weave pattern with diagonally aligned parallel ribs that advance an aggressive stance. 

    Authentic Carbon Fiber Construction. The CarbonBargain Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers are made with authentic infused premium carbon fiber that is very long-lasting. It thus guarantees extended usage amidst adverse environmental conditions. Additionally, the carbon fiber has a thermal stability meaning change in temperature of metal where the cover is attached would not affect or deform the cover. 

    Peel and Stick Installation. The CarbonBargain Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers do not require any glue for a firm grip on your side mirrors. The 3M bonding tape that comes along with it is enough. Simply apply the double-sided tape at the back of the covers and stick the covers in place. It is a simple and straight-forward stick-on installation process.