CarbonBargain MMD Style Carbon Fiber Spoiler for Ford Mustang

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MMD Carbon Fiber Gunnery Wing/Spoiler (2015-2019 Mustangs)

  • MMD Carbon Fiber Gunnery Wing/Spoiler made of 3K twill weaves real Carbon Fiber material. 
  • Unique and elegant style gives a more aggressive sporty look to your car.
  • The carbon fiber material is resistant to elevated temperature, fire retardant, UV protective glossy finish
  • Latest MMD style gives better aerodynamics to your car by lowering drag.
  • Lightweight with 1-inch thickness it is durable and easily attachable gives stylish look to your mustang
  • Estimate 3-4 weeks for delivery. 
  • Installation material provided with exception of drilling template. But professional installation is recommended.