Carbon Fiber Hood Vents

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  • Features a Sturdy and Lightweight Design
  • High-Quality Wet Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Heavy-Duty and Sleek High-Gloss Finish
  • Helps Expel Hot Air from Engine Compartment
  • Easy to Install with the Use of Original Hardware & Mounting Locations
  • Fits 2015-2017 Ford Mustang GT Models
Aggressive Design and Functionality. Sleek styling and aggressive functionality are what these carbon fiber Hood Vents were designed for. They make your Mustang GT look even more ready for the races while also allowing your engine to work harder by helping expel hot air from the engine compartment. 

Durable Construction. Built for high-intensity performance driving, these hood vents have been manufactured out of highly durable carbon fiber material using cutting-edge techniques. This material is lightweight, yet sturdy enough for these vents to be used for thousands of miles. And for added style, these vents are coated with a high-quality gloss finish which also protects them against damage caused by the elements. 

Easy to Mount. These hood vents directly replace your car’s vents. They are designed to mount on your vehicle using its factory mounting points and without the need for any modifications. 

Limited Warranty and Return Policy. This pair of hood vents have been manufactured according to OE specifications. It must be noted, however, that since these vents are made by hand, they may have minor imperfections such as wavy weaves, small bubbles, and clear finish blemishes. In case of returns, the company requires photos demonstrating true defects on these hood vents. 


Fabricated with 100% Real Premium Carbon Fiber

Coated by resin rubber, our products are made to endure any type of weather. Our CarbonBargain parts will be unaffected by the sun, rain, or snow.

Our parts are also guaranteed to NEVER shrink, decompose or oxidize.